Conservation or Destruction: What are The Impacts of Smoking & Vaping on The Environment?

BIDI® Cares for you and the environment, which is why we created an innovative program to ensure environmental conservation.

In times of Global Warming, we must consider how we, as individuals, can help fight the ongoing crisis. Whether you are smoking or vaping, you can help limit your environmental footprint with simple steps. The change starts with you!

Climate Crisis

According to NASA, we know with a 95% probability that humans create the current climate crisis we are facing. The greenhouse gases we create get trapped in the atmosphere, causing the planet to heat up. One of the most impactful greenhouse gasses is carbon dioxide, and the levels have never been as high as now, and it is damaging our planet.

Ice sheets are shrinking, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather is increasing, just to mention a few. These changes inevitably affect humans and wildlife across the globe. Since the industrial rise back in the 1950s, we have seen a drastic change, and we now stand at a point where we have to act.

The Environmental Impacts of Smoking

A significant contributor to environmental destruction is deforestation. According to WHO, deforestation is responsible for 20% of the harmful carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Trees naturally absorb excess carbon dioxide, leading to fewer greenhouse gasses damaging our planet. One of the industries today dependent on cutting down trees is the tobacco industry.

It is estimated that we lose 200,000 hectares of forest worldwide because of the tobacco industry. Besides deforestation, the filter from cigarettes is not biodegradable and would eventually end up in our landfills. The residue of nicotine leaks, causing damage to groundwater, ecosystems, is also a potential danger to wildlife.

The Environmental Impact of Vaping

The production of a vaping device requires less natural resources than producing a cigarette since vaping devices do not have tobacco in them. Manufacturing of all products requires some level of carbon dioxide for transportation and other necessary actions; however, it does not seem to measure with the extreme harm caused by the tobacco industries and their addition to deforestation.

Improper disposal is one of its potential negative impacts of vaping devices. Besides residual nicotine ending up in our landfills, the components, especially the battery in the vaping device, can cause damage to our environment. Batteries contain corrosive and potentially harmful metals that can impact our ecosystem and the environment.

Environmental Conservation

After the industrial rise in the 50s, the increased production of electronic devices has caused a rise in electronic waste as well. With the rapid expansion of technology and higher demand from people, we are creating massive amounts of electronic waste daily that, if improperly disposed of, can cause harm. Besides the environmental impact improperly disposed of electronic waste causes, we need to ensure that all resources used in the creation don’t just go to waste.

We can help conserve our environment by being conscious about our consumption and recycling habits. Electronics devices can be recycled if they are made from high-quality materials, which means you have the power to help our planet by simply recycling.

Recycling Vaping Devices to Conserve Nature

Cigarettes are not recyclable, but vaping devices are. However, in some cases, it can prove a bit difficult to recycle vaping devices because not all waste sites have the resources to recycle the components from all electronic waste.

Because it is not common to have dedicated vape bins, some areas might even encourage you to dispose of your vaping device in the regular trash bins. In essence, this is highly discouraged as the components can cause severe damage in landfills.

Here at Bidi Vapor, we are aware of the difficulties that many can experience when they try to make eco-friendly choices about recycling their vaping devices. Thus, we created BIDI® Cares to help save the planet, one vaping device at a time.

BIDI® Cares Recycling Program

Vaping isn’t for everyone, and it is important to be aware that nicotine is addictive. For adult smokers who already use vaping devices, we want to help you make it easier to be sustainable. BIDI® Cares is an innovative recycling program to help limit electronic waste from vaping devices.

We ensured our BIDI® Stick is made with excellent materials for easier recycling. You can learn more about our recycling program here.


BIDI® Cares Moves Towards Sustainable Vaping

At Bidi Vapor, we are on a mission to create a more sustainable vaping experience for everyone. Learn more about how you can get involved to help save our planet!
At Bidi Vapor, we know there’s a need for action to help solve our climate crisis. When using vaping devices, it’s important to be aware of the carbon footprint it leaves, and how to make the print smaller. The current climate crisis we are facing is caused by the enormous carbon footprint we as humans leave. We are rapidly causing global warming and need to act now. But how?  All change starts with one person, and that person is you. If you’ve already substituted your cigarettes with a vaping device, you are on the right path, since the tobacco industry is one of the big culprits when it comes to lack of sustainability.  The massive exhaust of natural resources is damaging our planet daily. Besides draining our finite resources, cigarettes are not recyclable, and the toxic chemicals from cigarette butts are being leaked into our groundwater, harming wildlife, and humans.

Sustainability Vaping

Nowadays, vaping devices are disposable, but failing to recycle these could cause harm as well. We only have limited natural resources and need to make the most of the resources which were used on our vaping device and recycle them. Inside vaping devices, you’ll find a battery, which, if improperly disposed of, can pose a threat to the environment. Batteries contain metals and corrosive materials which start to leak when decomposing, which can reach our oceans or landfills. These are extremely toxic for us and the environment. Another side effect of decomposing batteries is the photochemical process that causes an emission of greenhouse gases, which directly impacts climate change.

BIDI® Cares Movement

We care about you and the environment, and that’s why we started the BIDI® Cares movement. Through BIDI® Cares, we want to empower you to live a more sustainable life. Saving the environment requires a community, and that’s what we are building. 

Save Your BIDI®, Save Our Planet 

We have ensured our BIDI® Stick is made only with high-quality materials. The battery is made to improve your experience and make it recyclable. This is to ensure that BIDI® Stick batteries do not end up in landfills. Become a part of our movement and make a massive impact in making the world cleaner.

Simple Tips You Need to Know for Eco-Friendly Vaping

As the world is becoming more environmentally aware, vaping is now considered  eco-friendly. Vaping means no more dealing with cigarette butts and supporting the tobacco industry.

Smoking cigarettes affects almost every organ of the body, induces many diseases, and in general, decreases smokers’ health. Aside from its reputation of causing numerous health problems, cigarette butts comprise 38% of litter collected in the US.  

Moreover, tobacco facilities release more than a million pounds of toxic chemicals to the environment, and tobacco cultivation is known to be a significant contributor to deforestation. On top of this, secondhand smoke contributes to air pollution, and cigarette butts also pollute waterways and oceans. The Ocean Conservancy states that cigarette butts compose the most trash collected in ocean cleanups.

As a responsible citizen and vaper, here are some tips you can do to help:

Turn Off Your Vape When You’re Not Using It

Merely turning the battery off when your device is not in use can save you from injury and harm. Aside from helping prolong the lifespan of your battery, it could be a hazard if the button is pushed accidentally, which can happen if your vape is in your pocket or bag. If unnoticed, the continuous heating of the atomizer might start a fire.

Opt for a Higher Battery Quality Vape Product

Most batteries in e-cigarettes contain heavy metals that need extensive treatment to remove all its residual metals. For instance, with Bidi Vapor, batteries have carefully thought of how we can improve the recyclability of e-cigarettes batteries. The battery used in every BIDI® Stick contains a high-quality battery that has been certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS. It is an investment in making BIDI® Stick a high quality and eco-conscious product.

Buy Vapes with a Medical-Rate Pad

Most vape pens have the usual synthetic cotton. BIDI® has a medical-rate pad that is highly recyclable – a win for the environment!

You Can Recycle in Vaping

For non-disposable vapes, some advanced tanks and mods are reusable—a mod with Variable Wattage mode can be compatible with a range of tanks, so you don’t have to buy a new one. Some vapers may also have a range of old vape hardware that they can share with users who need it.

Proper disposal of batteries is essential since they are toxic and must not be with other trash. Moreover, pressure and heat may also cause lithium-ion batteries to produce sparks, which causes them to be one of the main culprits of recycling truck fires.

When you purchase disposable vapes, make sure to recycle it by supporting vape companies that allow you to return your vape sticks and be replaced with new ones. 

Choose a product that cares for you and the environment. Choose BIDI® Stick. 

Bidi Vapor reminds its consumers of eco-friendly and sustainable vaping practices by launching a recycling program. The “Save a BIDI®. Save Our Environment” by BIDI® Cares aims to motivate its consumers to recycle their used BIDI® Sticks. 

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