BIDI® Cares Moves Towards Sustainable Vaping

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BIDI® Cares Moves Towards Sustainable Vaping

At Bidi Vapor, we are on a mission to create a more sustainable vaping experience for everyone. Learn more about how you can get involved to help save our planet!
At Bidi Vapor, we know there’s a need for action to help solve our climate crisis. When using vaping devices, it’s important to be aware of the carbon footprint it leaves, and how to make the print smaller. The current climate crisis we are facing is caused by the enormous carbon footprint we as humans leave. We are rapidly causing global warming and need to act now. But how?  All change starts with one person, and that person is you. If you’ve already substituted your cigarettes with a vaping device, you are on the right path, since the tobacco industry is one of the big culprits when it comes to lack of sustainability.  The massive exhaust of natural resources is damaging our planet daily. Besides draining our finite resources, cigarettes are not recyclable, and the toxic chemicals from cigarette butts are being leaked into our groundwater, harming wildlife, and humans.

Sustainability Vaping

Nowadays, vaping devices are disposable, but failing to recycle these could cause harm as well. We only have limited natural resources and need to make the most of the resources which were used on our vaping device and recycle them. Inside vaping devices, you’ll find a battery, which, if improperly disposed of, can pose a threat to the environment. Batteries contain metals and corrosive materials which start to leak when decomposing, which can reach our oceans or landfills. These are extremely toxic for us and the environment. Another side effect of decomposing batteries is the photochemical process that causes an emission of greenhouse gases, which directly impacts climate change.

BIDI® Cares Movement

We care about you and the environment, and that’s why we started the BIDI® Cares movement. Through BIDI® Cares, we want to empower you to live a more sustainable life. Saving the environment requires a community, and that’s what we are building. 

Save Your BIDI®, Save Our Planet 

We have ensured our BIDI® Stick is made only with high-quality materials. The battery is made to improve your experience and make it recyclable. This is to ensure that BIDI® Stick batteries do not end up in landfills. Become a part of our movement and make a massive impact in making the world cleaner.
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