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Check out what technology and components we use to ensure the BIDI® Stick is highly recyclable.

The BIDI®️ Stick is made with high-quality components to ensure adult consumers have the option to recycle used devices.

Created with Care for Users

The BID® Stick is made with premium quality components, making it recyclable and long-lasting. Through extensive research and development, Bidi Vapor improved its technology used for creating the BIDI® Stick.​

Made from Quality Components

Each BIDI® Stick is composed of quality components to ensure premium vaping experience. Medical-grade absorption pad, Class A nicotine, sensitivity control system, anti-fake technology, and
UL-certified battery are notable features of BIDI® Stick.

Pharmaceutical and Medical-Grade Pad

The medical-grade absorption pad helps provide premium vaping experience.

Traceability and Innovative Technology

Through innovative technologies, the Bidi Vapor provides diligent efforts in quality assurance and testing.​ Each BIDI® Stick is properly labeled with batch numbers and expiration dates.

Save and recycle your BIDI®️ Sticks

We encourage our adult BIDI® Stick users to properly dispose of their e-waste and participate in e-recycling.

High-Quality Recyclable Battery

Powered by a heavy-duty, high quality, and long-lasting battery. Bidi Vapor invested heavily in research and development to produce a reliable and recyclable battery that is UL 8139, FCC, CE and ROHS certified.

Get Involved


Fill out the BIDI® Recycling Form via your account. If you do not have one, you can register at https://bidivapor.com/my-account/ . We need to ensure that your age is verified.


Once you have completed the necessary details, we will send the FREE return label to your email address. We waived the cost of the return label as a token of appreciation for your interest in recycling.


Print your return label and attach this on your package containing your used BIDI® Stick. Send your package to our facility.


You will receive your coupon code via email once we have verified the authenticity of the BIDI® Sticks. The email will also include the instructions on how to redeem your FREE BIDI® Stick on your next purchase.

Created with Care for Users

Our BIDI® Stick is made with high-quality components, making it recyclable, long-lasting, while giving smooth throat hits. Bidi Vapor carefully researched, developed, and improved the technology used for BIDI® Stick.

Made from Quality Components

Each BIDI® Stick is composed of quality components to ensure the safety and sustainability of the product. Medical-rate absorption pad, Class A nicotine, Sensitivity Control System, and Closed Pod System are some of the notable features of BIDI® Stick.

Pharmaceutical and Medical-Rate Pad

To reduce inhalation risks, BIDI® Stick is created with medical-rate absorption pad. These high-quality pads prevent microfiber and protects the lungs from droplets. Unlike the synthetic cottons, these pads are recyclable, thus promoting a more sustainable vaping.

Traceability and Innovative Technology

The BIDI® Stick leads the market by providing diligent efforts in quality assurance and testing using innovative technologies. It is properly labeled with batch numbers and expiration dates.

Save your Bidi, Save our Planet

We strongly uphold that our BIDI® Cares program can help save the environment through our recycling efforts. We highly encourage our users to participate in this initiative to invite more adult users to help us lead a sustainable vaping industry.

High-Quality Recyclable Battery

Heavy duty, high-quality, and can last at least 500 puffs. Bidi Vapor did a thorough research to produce a high-quality recyclable battery that is certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS.

Recyclability of the BIDI® Stick

Bidi Vapor focuses on creating ecological products and solutions through continuous technological innovation. Each BIDI® Stick contains the following parts that can be recycled.

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Internal Fixation Base

It holds the heating coil assembly in place and acts as a
sealer to prevent leakage of the e-liquid to the battery and
controller in the device.


The device is made of food-grade silica gel and recylable to
more than 80%.

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Fiberglass Tube A

It is a hollow tube with both ends
open. The small opening acts as a
pocket for the heating coil, while
the top end facilitates air supply
to the heating coil during vaping.

Fiberglass Tube B

It provides additional strength
to Fiberglass Tube A by covering
its open area. It also separates
the e-liquid and airflow channels.


After the glass fiber tube is discarded, it needs to be recycled and
specially scrapped to avoid environmental pollution.

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Oil Storage Cotton

It acts as a storage tank for the e-liquid.

It can also be used as a renewable energy source for thermal power generation.


Its product recycling rate is more than 85%.

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Heating Coil

The heating coil is made up of a coil gauge that is
nickel-chromium alloy sparkles and organic cotton. It
vaporizes the e-liquid into vapor during use.


It has a recycling utilization rate of more than 90%.

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Heat Shrinkable Tube

The shrinkable heat tube is an insulating bushing that
seals, insulates, is waterproof and dust-proof to prevent
short circuits.


The heat shrinkable pipe recycling utilization rate reaches 60%.

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Mouthpiece Cover

It seals the aluminum tube from the top and acts as a
mouthpiece for the device. This mouthpiece cover also
ensures a secured seal between the lips and the device.


The mouthpiece cover can be recycled to more than 90%.

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Mouthpiece Seal Pad

It acts as a sealer to prevent leakage of e-liquid from going
into the mouth.


Made from food-grade silica gel, it can be recycled to more than 80%.

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08 / 11

Controller Case

It is the protective body for the
controller and ensures that the
controller works properly.


It drives the battery and controls the stable output of the battery voltage.


The silica gel can be recycled
to more than 80%.


Its product cycle utilization rate
reaches at 75%.

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09 / 11

Aluminum Tube

It serves as the main body of the BIDI® Stick, where all
components get attached.


Recycled aluminum can save 95% of the resources needed for new aluminum production.

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Oil Absorption Cotton

This oil absorption cotton absorbs the condensation
droplets to prevent them from being inhaled into
the mouth.


The product recycling rate exceeds 95%.

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Bottom Cap

This seals the aluminum tube
to prevent the internal structure from
falling off. There is an intake hole at
the bottom that takes air in.

Bottom Case

This seals the bottom cap to prevent
leakage during transportation and
keeps the bottom case clean and


The recycling rate of this material
is more than 90%.


The silica gel can be recycled to
more than 80%.

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