About Us

BIDI® Cares wants to encourage everyone to rally and band together for this shared peril – the destruction of our one and only planet. This movement aims to educate and empower consumers to stand up and do their part to help save the environment. We are committed to finding and offering solutions to make sustainable practices easy and practical. BIDI® Cares believes in the future in-sync with nature and in balance with our environment, achievable with everyone's help and cooperation.

Who We Are

The BIDI® Cares movement is an eco-friendly program initiated by BIDI® Vapor to promote sustainable manufacturing, electronic waste disposal, and recycling in the vaping market.

At its core, its aim is to spread environmental awareness, corporate accountability, and consumer education to empower them to do their part in the fight to save our planet.

What We Do

What goes around comes around. Our program aims to promote and educate consumers on the dangers of improper waste disposal. We create environmentally responsible solutions to make disposing of easy as ABC.

BIDI® Cares envisions a future where individuals from all walks of life do their part to protect our earth. Recycling makes a whole lot of difference and ensures a bright and healthy future for future generations to come 

Why BIDI® Cares?

We are committed to finding innovative solutions to the world's current environmental crisis. We believe that together, we can turn the tide and become a recycling machine that can make the world better.