About Us

Bidi Cares aims to create a more sustainable solution for the vaping industry. In our hope to promote an eco-conscious vaping future, Bidi Cares presents solution to eliminate improper waste disposal.

Who We Are

Bidi™ Cares is an eco-friendly program by Bidi™ Vapor that promotes sustainable vaping for adult vape users. Bidi™ Vapor has helped innovate the vaping industry with the Bidi™ Stick— a game-changer, focusing on both the consumer and environment. It is our core value to establish environmental awareness and promote responsible disposal of Bidi™ Sticks.

What We Do

Bidi™ Cares helps empower Bidi users to live more sustainable with their vaping device. Everything we do in Bidi™ Cares revolves around our initiative, “Save your Bidi Stick. Save Our Planet.” Our program promotes proper recycling and disposal of Bidi™ Sticks. For every ten (10) empty and used Bidi™ Sticks shipped to us, you will receive 1 FREE Bidi™ Stick on your next purchase. By recycling, you help protect the environment from the dangers of residual nicotine and improperly disposed of batteries!

Why Bidi™ Cares?

We commit to you and the environment by ensuring a sustainable solution to the disposable waste issue in the vaping industry. Our recycling efforts create an eco-conscious vaping device to help create a more sustainable environment.