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Can We Clean the Ocean?

Pollution is having a severe, destructive effect on the world’s oceans. You have probably learned in school that more than 70% of the Earth is water. Ninety-seven percent of that is made up of the

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What is Environmental Sustainability?

From theory to practice, Environmental Sustainability is the goal of Bidi Cares. As technological advancements offer society greater convenience and ease, the downside is the potential environmental effects of modernization that may affect future generations.

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Paper Bags? Grab a Tote Bag Instead

The common eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags is paper bags.  However, the ‘dark side’ of the paper industry suggests another option–the tote bag. With the recycling movement having become more mainstream, about 60 countries have

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Here is Why World Soil Day is Important

Soil erosion has become an increasing problem, threatening global food security. World Soil Day aims to raise awareness of this important issue. Often taken for granted, the dirt beneath our feet, helps sustain the food

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