Here are 5 Tips on How You Can Get Involved in World Environment Day

On June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day worldwide. You too can create a significant impact with simple efforts. Bidi cares for the environment and has gathered information on how you can help.

World Environment Day is a global platform that inspires positive change and has done so since the UN declared it an official day back in 1972. It is being celebrated yearly on June 5, engaging both governments, businesses, celebrities, and you to participate in the debate and efforts to help save our planet. 

A different country hosts each year, and this year it’s Colombia in partnership with Germany. The focus of this year’s World Environment Day is biodiversity because it’s time for nature. We have gathered a list of simple ways you can help get involved in this year’s celebration.

Educate yourself

This year the focus is on biodiversity, or biological diversity, which is a term describing the variety of every living thing, including plants, bacteria, animals, and humans. The reason for this year’s focus is because around one million plants and animal species are risking becoming extinct, and we humans are one of the leading causes. 

All species have their role in our ecosystem to help keep it balanced and healthy. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it only underlines the importance of focusing on biodiversity as losses can increase the spread of diseases and viruses. To get involved, you can learn more about pressing issues on World Environment Day’s official website.

Use your Social Media Platforms

We all have a voice, and in times where almost everyone is on some social media platform, you can use yours for good without even leaving your couch. UNEP is sharing information on their social media that you can help share. 

Make sure you only share information from legitimate sources to avoid the spread of fake news. If you know any local organizations, you can tag them and encourage involvement as well

Involve in local projects.

Find out what your local government is doing to help save our planet and encourage them to make positive changes. There might also be projects you can get involved in from either the government or local organizations. If you have the resources, you can get your company, groups, institutions to partake in the World Environment Day. 

A global challenge you can join from your city is the Cities4Forests. They have created a competition for you to post an image of people with trees/forests where you can win cash.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The biodiversity is dying because we humans do not take enough care of the environment. One of the simplest ways you can help is by reducing, reusing, and recycling what you have. In our everyday products and appliances, we have single-use plastic, single-use batteries, corrosive metals, to mention a few. 

When these end up in landfills and oceans, they cause severe harm to our biodiversity and also waste our finite natural resources. Since we can’t just ban all products in our life, it’s important to reuse what we can, and prioritize recyclability for those products we can’t reuse.

Save your Bidi, Save Our Planet.

At Bidi, we are aware of the potential dangers a vaping device can impose on the environment. We have worked diligently to ensure our Bidi Stick is recyclable. By using only high-quality components, we created a game-changer in the vaping industry. 

To further promote recycling, we launched the innovative Bidi Cares initiative to lead vaping into the future. You can make a difference and receive a reward simply by saving your used Bidi Sticks. 

We have already ensured they can be recycled, so all you have to do is return 10 used sticks, and then we reward your eco-conscious efforts by giving you a free Bidi Stick on your next purchase. 

Contact us now for more information. Happy Recycling! 


Prevent a Pandemic by Taking Care of Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many things, particularly nature. Start preventing a pandemic by adopting ways to protect nature.

Up to this day,  we continue to battle with the dreaded COVID-19 which has affected millions of people across 184 countries and territories. The pandemic has put the world on standstill, slowing down human activity, halting social and economic activities as uncertainty heightens.

People start to worry about how long until this blows over. Health experts say COVID – 19 will continue to be a threat until a safe and effective vaccine is developed. However, it takes over a year, at the earliest, to even develop a safe and effective vaccine. 

Until then, we should observe the new normal like social distancing, wearing face masks, follow health experts’ advice, boost our immune system, and do good for the environment.

Nature Today in the Middle of Pandemic

According to some experts, wildlife population and resources have experienced a massive decline over the past decades. Multiple cases of animal-human spread of disease during the same period have also been recorded. Some experts say that this is not a coincidence, as nature and pandemic are, in a way, correlated.

Researchers continue to look into the source of the novel virus, the COVID-19. It is widely believed though that it is a zoonotic virus, meaning a virus that was spread from animals to humans. Early reports say the virus came from caged bats in a market in Wuhan, China. Nonetheless, researchers made it clear that contact between humans and animals has led to the spread of some viruses. The destruction of the habitat of animals is one reason why there are zoonotic viral infections. Animals are forced to live in environments close to humans.  Two of the examples that show the correlation between the destruction of nature and human activity are dengue and malaria. Research shows that areas, where forest damage is rampant, creates a large number of people affected by dengue. Activities that contribute to forest destruction are illegal logging, mining, and agricultural expansion.

Population growth also contributes to more damage to our nature. The more people utilize or consume natural resources, the more destruction there is. Natural habitats give way to residential, commercial buildings and the like. Economic progress displaces animals from their habitats.

Avoid a Pandemic by Saving Our Planet

Amid this pandemic, there is still hope for future generations. We can always do something to preserve nature if we act now. Here are some ways in which we can be a part of saving the environment.

Educate yourself and the people around you

While we are all stuck inside our homes due to lockdown, it is the best time to share knowledge and information about doing something for the environment. Be productive by showing videos or sharing articles about contributing to preserving nature.

Start planting

A small space in your backyard can be utilized to plant vegetables and herbs. The bigger space, the better because you may be able to plant fruit trees too. Encourage everyone in your home to engage in planting or gardening. Plants offer many benefits, like absorbing oxygen and carbon dioxide, filtering pollutants, and preventing soil erosion. 

Dispose of your waste properly

This is a basic one, but not everyone practices it consistently. Reduce your waste by consuming fewer products. Reuse items that are still possible to use. Recycle your wastes by disposing of them the right way.

Save Our Planet through Bidi Cares

For recreational activities, you can be a responsible vape user while helping our nature recover. Bidi™Vapor, maker of the premium Bidi™Stick, launched a recycling program for a  sustainable environment. The Bidi Cares initiative is the environmental platform of Bidi Vapor that urges users of Bidi Sticks to return the empty vape pens which can be recycled. 

For a minimum of 10 Bidi Sticks returned through your Bidi account, you can receive one FREE Bidi Stick on your next purchase.

Help save nature and protect the environment by committing yourself to proper waste disposal. For more information, visit us here or contact us at