Why Choose Recyclable Products?

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Why Choose Recyclable Products?

Saving the environment starts as soon as we pick the products we consume, which is why we should choose recyclable products out of thousands of choices we can have. BIDI® Stick is a premium vaping pen made to lead the way to a more environmentally-friendly and conscious usage of e-cigarettes.

Researchers around the world agree that the Earth’s climate demands urgent action to minimize disasters. They have predicted that a near to mid-term existential threat to human society takes place over the next 30 years if we do not address the problem. 

Fortunately for us and the planet, more companies have been coming up with recyclable products.

Here are some of the primary reasons why you should choose recyclable products and become more eco-conscious. 

Reduce Impact on the Environment

Effective and efficient recycling programs dramatically minimize carbon emissions, commonly referred to as greenhouse gases. Unless products are recycled, they would end up being burned and would release toxic greenhouse gases. To save trees and maintain a well-balanced carbon dioxide content, we need to ensure that there are no dangerous emissions in the air. 

Conserve Landfill Space

Non-recyclable products end up in landfills. This repeated habit contributes to tons of waste found in the ocean and landfills. The USA alone produces far more waste and recycles even fewer than other developing countries, according to a recent report by global risk consultancy company Verisk Maplecroft. Without proper disposal, these non-recyclable items stay in our planets for hundreds or thousands of years. By choosing recyclable products, you reduce your impact on the environment. 

Set a Great Example

By choosing recyclable products, you are setting an example for other consumers to be more eco-conscious. You are also making a demand in the market, which motivates other companies to create more products that help in conserving natural resources and reducing waste. The changes may seem small at first, but with continuous practice, you can set a great example on how to save the environment. 

Sustainable Solution for the Environment

Companies that produce recyclable products are conscious of their environmental footprint. With well-thought-out products, you can be sure that your health is on their mind throughout the production process with their concern for the Earth. 

If you’re a fan of vaping, favor a brand created with its environmental footprint in mind. Bidi Vapor created the BIDI® Stick to lead the way to an environmentally-friendly and conscious usage of e-cigarettes. We use recyclable components like its high-quality battery and lightweight aluminum body. Bidi Vapor has recently launched a program focused on promoting sustainable practices of using the BIDI® Stick – the BIDI® Cares initiative. 

Save your BIDI®, Save our Planet 

 Companies and consumers must combine their efforts to manage the planet’s waste. When we recycle a quarter of what we generate as waste, not only do we decrease valuable natural resources and pollute the atmosphere, but we also throw away energy and destroy land and ecosystems. We must ensure that we recycle our waste and preserve our environment.

Making responsible buying choices today means safeguarding the planet for future generations to come.

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