How the BIDI® Stick Reduces The Environmental Footprint

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How the BIDI® Stick Reduces The Environmental Footprint

We are in the middle of an environmental crisis that’s created by us humans, which is why we created BIDI® Cares to help reduce our environmental footprint. We can’t save the planet alone, which is why our BIDI® Cares program is powered by you. Together we can save the planet one vaping stick at a time.

Measures of Environmental Impact

WWF describes the environmental footprint as a term used to describe the impact of human activities on the environment. This environmental footprint both includes services and products, and measures an array of effects like natural resources compared to the waste produced and greenhouse gasses produced. Our natural resources are finite, whereas deforestation has a massive impact on our environmental change.

Trees naturally absorb excess greenhouse gasses, which helps fight global warming. One of the big industries that are exhausting our natural resources is the tobacco industry. Not only do they produce toxic waste which ends up in our landfills and oceans, damaging us and the environment, but it also drains enormous amounts of natural resources. The industry is a significant contributor to deforestation, among others.

Vaping and Waste

Choosing vaping over smoking is the first step in a more sustainable direction, but we still need to do more to lessen our environmental footprint. Vaping devices come with a single-use battery, and with the rise of disposable vaping devices, we are starting to see batteries ending up in our regular trash bins and, ultimately, in our soil and oceans.

When a battery decomposes, it starts to leak its corrosive and toxic materials, affecting our ecosystems and climate. Another potential risk improper disposal of vaping devices could lead to is when residual nicotine ends up being accessible for wildlife. Most vaping industries don’t take into consideration how they can help reduce the waste they took part in producing. Because of this, not all waste sites receive disposable vaping devices; thus they end up in our landfills.

BIDI® Cares for You and the Environment

Here at BIDI®, we want to ensure we reduce our footprint, and this is why we have worked diligently on how to reduce our waste and ultimately caused us to tackle several issues.

First, the BIDI® Stick consumes less natural resources with a sustainable solution. Second, it has a class A nicotine. The BIDI® Stick is also easier to recycle because of its components. We have chosen a high-quality battery to ensure recyclable quality. The same goes for our pharmaceutical and medical-rated pad. Finally, we need to make it more convenient to recycle your BIDI® Stick. All of these are how the BIDI® Cares recycling program came about.

The Innovative BIDI® Cares Recycling Program

We want to lead the way for sustainable vaping. Our recycling program doesn’t only reduce our environmental footprint, but yours too. It’s our goal to empower you to become more eco-conscious because we all need to act to save our planet.

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