Here is Why World Soil Day is Important

Here is Why World Soil Day is Important

Soil erosion has become an increasing problem, threatening global food security. World Soil Day aims to raise awareness of this important issue.

Often taken for granted, the dirt beneath our feet, helps sustain the food that we need to survive. Nutrients in soil sustain crops, fruit-bearing plants, and trees, therefore all the raw ingredients needed to nourish the human body. Soil is vital for our food security and for the survival of humanity.

The Effects of Soil Erosion on our Environment

In science, we learned that soil erosion is one of the main reasons for natural resource reduction. It happens when wind, tillage, or waterflow weathers away topsoil. Natural disasters like mudslides and floods happen due to soil erosion.

Moreover, harmful activities like abusive farming methods can degrade nutrients for the soil. These adversely affect the quality of the soil. When this happens, the soil becomes less suitable for planting crops and vegetable production.

The loss of fertile land also leads to more pollution and clogs rivers and streams affecting the fish population.

Here are a few reasons why we should take care of the soil and prevent erosion:

Population Growth Increases Soil Erosion

As the world population increases, so does the demand for food. Hence, healthy soil is essential. According to the United Nations, a soccer field of land is subject to soil erosion every five seconds. 

As the population increases, pollution, chemical fertilizers, illegal logging, and deforestation contribute to soil erosion.

World Soil Day encourages every individual, community, organization, and government to be proactive in improving soil health. 

Our Food Supply Depends on Healthy Land

Human survival depends on food, so naturally, the health of the world’s soil is tied directly to the food supply and our very survival.  Soil damage can eventually lead to food shortages and decreases in food quality. Ultimately it will affect the health of the world’s population.

The Future Generations Need It, Too

We are the stewards of Earth’s natural resources. We are responsible for taking care of these natural resources to sustain the future generation. The growing degradation of the soil and the destruction of the environment mandate is calling for action.

Planting trees, adopting new and sustainable farming methods, and building dams to slow down the run-off water will all become necessary steps to mitigate the effects of soil erosion.

World Soil Day

To drum up awareness for the need for global food security, the United Nations (UN) observes  World Soil Day every December 5. Its history goes back to 2002 when the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) recommended commemorating such a basic resource..

In June 2013, the FAO conference officially endorsed it to the United Nations. Then finally, in December 2013, the first official World Soil Day occurred a year later, on December 5, 2014, as designated by the UN General Assembly.

Be a Responsible Recycler

Recycling goes hand in hand with combating soil erosion and other environmentally conscious movements. 

Waste recycling is how Bidi Vapor observes World Soil Day. 

Do you have suggestions to lessen soil erosion? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us now! 

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