BIDI® recycling POLICY

BIDI® Cares Recycling Limit

BIDI® Cares strictly imposes the limit per recycling transaction of up to 30 BIDI® Sticks. Users can only ship another recycled batch after the first 30 BIDI® Sticks arrives at the facility. 

BIDI® Cares Policy on Return Labels

Return labels are automatically created right after answering the form. Use it per transaction and attach it with the used BIDI® Sticks for shipment. In lieu of the recycling limits, users can only request another return label after the shipment with the first return label arrives in our facility.

Shipping Policy

BIDI® Sticks are verified as soon as they reach our facilities. BIDI® Vapor needs to ensure if the sent BIDI® Sticks are valid for recycling.

Policies on Coupon Code

Coupon codes are sent to your emails after using return labels. Recycler must follow the instructions in redeeming the free BIDI® Stick sent together with the coupon code.
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