The BIDI® Cares Recycling Process
is Temporarily Unavailable

BIDI® Cares is currently unavailable while we make some improvements to our processes. However, do not forget to continue recycling because sustainability never stops.

Your small actions today can make a huge difference tomorrow.

Parts Of The BIDI® Stick Are Recyclable. Here's How You Can Help

While the BIDI® Stick is a disposable vape pen, parts of the device are recyclable. For adults age 21 and over who have purchased our product and are looking for such an option, Bidi Vapor established BIDI® Cares, a recycling program that accepts our used devices.

To encourage participation, Bidi Vapor offers our adult customers a free BIDI® Stick for every 10 they mail back.

What makes the BIDI® Stick recyclable?

Each BIDI® Stick  contains a lithium ion battery, the recyclable component of our product. This battery contains valuable components that can be recovered and reused to manufacture a new BIDI® Stick product.


Adult BIDI® Stick users can now save their BIDI® Sticks for recycling!
Are you ready to recycle your used BIDI® Sticks? Start recycling here!


BIDI® Cares encourages you to get involved in creating a sustainable and environmentally-sound future for all generations.

Many parts of the BIDI® Stick are recyclable.

Adult smokers 21 and over can help Bidi Vapor reuse parts of their vape pens.

We care for you and we want you, to have a smooth and easier transaction with us.

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