Each day, the average person generates at least 4.51 pounds of trash and 3.5 million tons of plastic globallyThe improper disposal of e-wastes and e-cigarettes pose a considerable threat to our environment when improperly disposed of with residual nicotine and toxic metals from batteries.  Since we only have one planet we can call home, coming up with environmentally responsible solutions to unburden Mother Earth is an imperative to make way for a sustainable future.

8 Easy Ways To become Eco-Friendly Right Now

Energy Conservation

Being mindful of how you use and consume your energy usage might the most effective way of decreasing your carbon footprint.

Invest in Eco-Friendly Technology

Learn about alternative ways to live through technological innovations, like energy generation, food production, and commuting.

Switch to Renewables

Use or purchase products that can be reusable or easily recyclable.

Don’t Waste Food

Food production is one of the highest proponents of carbon loading in our modern world. Consume only what you can to lessen the burden or pressure to produce more food.


Recycle organic material like food and food scraps. Enrich your garden and help out rejuvenating lost minerals in our soil from industrial farming and pesticides.

Recycle Everything

As much as possible, do not throw out anything for the landfill. If you can find a way to re-use it, keep it.

Buy Recycled Products

Encourage more recycling by giving your patronage to businesses that favor recycled materials.

Join Environment Groups

Keep up with the latest knowledge and news on how you can do your part in protecting the environment.

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