Save Your Bidi. Save Our Planet.

It is our mission to make recycling easier for you. To improve our process, we created simple steps to follow to recycle your Bidi™ Sticks.

Each day, the average person generates at least 4.51 pounds of trash and 3.5 million tons of plastic globally. This accumulated trash leaves a massive impact on our planet. Bidi Vapor is on a mission to decrease improper waste disposal, and with that, we created a program where adult smokers can recycle their used and empty Bidi Sticks and help create a cleaner planet.

Get Involved


Fill out the Bidi Recycling Form via your account. If you do not have one, you can register at We need to ensure that your age is verified.


Once you have completed the necessary details, we will send the FREE return label to your email address. We waived the cost of the return label as a token of appreciation for your interest in recycling.


Print your return label and attach this on your package containing your used Bidi Sticks. Send your package to our facility.


You will receive your coupon code via email once we have verified the authenticity of the Bidi Sticks. The email will also include the instructions on how to redeem your FREE Bidi Stick on your next purchase.

Are you ready to recycle your used Bidi Sticks? Start recycling here!

Save your Bidi, Save our planet

Bidi Cares for you and the environment and you can be involved in making our
planet cleaner for all.

It is a part of our DNA to make vaping more sustainable. Bidi Sticks are created with high-quality materials, making it recyclable.

Get involved and be a part of the movement to make our planet cleaner. Recycle your used and empty Bidi Sticks now.

We care for you and we want you to have a smooth and easier transaction with us.


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