Here are 5 Tips on How You Can Get Involved in World Environment Day

On June 5, we celebrate World Environment Day worldwide. You too can create a significant impact with simple efforts. Bidi cares for the environment and has gathered information on how you can help.

World Environment Day is a global platform that inspires positive change and has done so since the UN declared it an official day back in 1972. It is being celebrated yearly on June 5, engaging both governments, businesses, celebrities, and you to participate in the debate and efforts to help save our planet. 

A different country hosts each year, and this year it’s Colombia in partnership with Germany. The focus of this year’s World Environment Day is biodiversity because it’s time for nature. We have gathered a list of simple ways you can help get involved in this year’s celebration.

Educate yourself

This year the focus is on biodiversity, or biological diversity, which is a term describing the variety of every living thing, including plants, bacteria, animals, and humans. The reason for this year’s focus is because around one million plants and animal species are risking becoming extinct, and we humans are one of the leading causes. 

All species have their role in our ecosystem to help keep it balanced and healthy. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it only underlines the importance of focusing on biodiversity as losses can increase the spread of diseases and viruses. To get involved, you can learn more about pressing issues on World Environment Day’s official website.

Use your Social Media Platforms

We all have a voice, and in times where almost everyone is on some social media platform, you can use yours for good without even leaving your couch. UNEP is sharing information on their social media that you can help share. 

Make sure you only share information from legitimate sources to avoid the spread of fake news. If you know any local organizations, you can tag them and encourage involvement as well

Involve in local projects.

Find out what your local government is doing to help save our planet and encourage them to make positive changes. There might also be projects you can get involved in from either the government or local organizations. If you have the resources, you can get your company, groups, institutions to partake in the World Environment Day. 

A global challenge you can join from your city is the Cities4Forests. They have created a competition for you to post an image of people with trees/forests where you can win cash.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The biodiversity is dying because we humans do not take enough care of the environment. One of the simplest ways you can help is by reducing, reusing, and recycling what you have. In our everyday products and appliances, we have single-use plastic, single-use batteries, corrosive metals, to mention a few. 

When these end up in landfills and oceans, they cause severe harm to our biodiversity and also waste our finite natural resources. Since we can’t just ban all products in our life, it’s important to reuse what we can, and prioritize recyclability for those products we can’t reuse.

Save your Bidi, Save Our Planet.

At Bidi, we are aware of the potential dangers a vaping device can impose on the environment. We have worked diligently to ensure our Bidi Stick is recyclable. By using only high-quality components, we created a game-changer in the vaping industry. 

To further promote recycling, we launched the innovative Bidi Cares initiative to lead vaping into the future. You can make a difference and receive a reward simply by saving your used Bidi Sticks. 

We have already ensured they can be recycled, so all you have to do is return 10 used sticks, and then we reward your eco-conscious efforts by giving you a free Bidi Stick on your next purchase. 

Contact us now for more information. Happy Recycling! 


Prevent a Pandemic by Taking Care of Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many things, particularly nature. Start preventing a pandemic by adopting ways to protect nature.

Up to this day,  we continue to battle with the dreaded COVID-19 which has affected millions of people across 184 countries and territories. The pandemic has put the world on standstill, slowing down human activity, halting social and economic activities as uncertainty heightens.

People start to worry about how long until this blows over. Health experts say COVID – 19 will continue to be a threat until a safe and effective vaccine is developed. However, it takes over a year, at the earliest, to even develop a safe and effective vaccine. 

Until then, we should observe the new normal like social distancing, wearing face masks, follow health experts’ advice, boost our immune system, and do good for the environment.

Nature Today in the Middle of Pandemic

According to some experts, wildlife population and resources have experienced a massive decline over the past decades. Multiple cases of animal-human spread of disease during the same period have also been recorded. Some experts say that this is not a coincidence, as nature and pandemic are, in a way, correlated.

Researchers continue to look into the source of the novel virus, the COVID-19. It is widely believed though that it is a zoonotic virus, meaning a virus that was spread from animals to humans. Early reports say the virus came from caged bats in a market in Wuhan, China. Nonetheless, researchers made it clear that contact between humans and animals has led to the spread of some viruses. The destruction of the habitat of animals is one reason why there are zoonotic viral infections. Animals are forced to live in environments close to humans.  Two of the examples that show the correlation between the destruction of nature and human activity are dengue and malaria. Research shows that areas, where forest damage is rampant, creates a large number of people affected by dengue. Activities that contribute to forest destruction are illegal logging, mining, and agricultural expansion.

Population growth also contributes to more damage to our nature. The more people utilize or consume natural resources, the more destruction there is. Natural habitats give way to residential, commercial buildings and the like. Economic progress displaces animals from their habitats.

Avoid a Pandemic by Saving Our Planet

Amid this pandemic, there is still hope for future generations. We can always do something to preserve nature if we act now. Here are some ways in which we can be a part of saving the environment.

Educate yourself and the people around you

While we are all stuck inside our homes due to lockdown, it is the best time to share knowledge and information about doing something for the environment. Be productive by showing videos or sharing articles about contributing to preserving nature.

Start planting

A small space in your backyard can be utilized to plant vegetables and herbs. The bigger space, the better because you may be able to plant fruit trees too. Encourage everyone in your home to engage in planting or gardening. Plants offer many benefits, like absorbing oxygen and carbon dioxide, filtering pollutants, and preventing soil erosion. 

Dispose of your waste properly

This is a basic one, but not everyone practices it consistently. Reduce your waste by consuming fewer products. Reuse items that are still possible to use. Recycle your wastes by disposing of them the right way.

Save Our Planet through Bidi Cares

For recreational activities, you can be a responsible vape user while helping our nature recover. Bidi™Vapor, maker of the premium Bidi™Stick, launched a recycling program for a  sustainable environment. The Bidi Cares initiative is the environmental platform of Bidi Vapor that urges users of Bidi Sticks to return the empty vape pens which can be recycled. 

For a minimum of 10 Bidi Sticks returned through your Bidi account, you can receive one FREE Bidi Stick on your next purchase.

Help save nature and protect the environment by committing yourself to proper waste disposal. For more information, visit us here or contact us at


Environmental Problems Posed by Batteries

Batteries can cause a lot of environmental issues. The good news is that there are solutions in place now which can help reduce the problems caused by disposed batteries.

Do you know how many batteries are thrown away by Americans each year?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans manage to get rid of 3 billion batteries each year. Yes, you read that right, that’s billion with a “b,” which translates to roughly 180,000 tons each year of used-up batteries. That’s like an entire mountain of piled up old batteries!

How can so much waste impact the environment?

This article looks into the effect of batteries in the environment and what we can do to lessen their effect.

The  Massive Impact

The sheer amount of the batteries being disposed of each year is a problem already, and the fact that these batteries contain highly toxic materials complicates it further. If not handled properly, they cause not only pollution but also serious contamination.

The problem with throwing away batteries and other waste materials is that they still have to go somewhere. They don’t just magically vanish. They end up in landfills, which no longer has enough space.

Then there is the fact that these batteries contain materials that can harm humans and the environment. What are some of the materials inside batteries that can be problematic? Here are a few:

  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Lithium

These materials are highly toxic and can pose dangers to human health and the environment if they are not disposed of properly.

The impact of batteries on the environment is measurable using four indicators. Those indicators are:

  1. Natural resources consumption
  2. Climate change
  3. Air pollution
  4. Water pollution

It would help to check these indicators in depth.

Natural Resources Consumption

The manufacturing of batteries requires several materials, many of which are sourced from the mining industry. The extraction of these materials alone can already have some serious environmental effects. The ramping up of the production of batteries also means that the environment has to suffer more damage.

Even the more environmentally friendly method of extracting resources can still leave considerable damage to the environment in their wake.

Climate Change

The making of so many batteries can also have an impact on climate change and global warming. The factories that make modern batteries emit pollutants that contribute to the greenhouse effect, causing climate change and global warming. You may not feel the effects of global warming right now, but in other parts of the world, it is causing a major disruption in the lives of people.

Air Pollution

The manufacturing of batteries can make air pollution worse in the area where they are conducted. Air pollution is still a significant problem in some cities in developing and developed countries since it can cause serious diseases.

Water Pollution

Batteries contain toxins, which can be very harmful if they end up in the water system and bodies of water. Because of this, old batteries must be handled and disposed of properly to make sure they do not get to contaminate the water supply. Unfortunately, even properly disposed of batteries can still cause water pollution.

The Bidi Stick Battery

Most batteries in e-cigarettes contain heavy metals that need extensive treatment to remove all its residual metals. We did our research on how we can improve the recyclability and ensured every Bidi Stick contains a high-quality battery that has been certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS.

This is our way to promote the importance of recycling batteries for you and the environment. The battery used in a Bidi Stick is a cellphone-grade battery that is even better than a rechargeable battery and could be recycled for years!

The Bidi Cares Recycling Program

Bidi Vapor has seen the problem of improper battery disposal, which is why we have been using strong materials to increase the recyclability of the batteries in our Bidi Sticks.

We know that we have to do more, which is why we have launched the Bidi Cares movement.

Under this program, our customers can send back their used Bidi Sticks so those can be recycled. For every ten used sticks that you send to us, we give you 1 FREE Bidi Stick, which you can get on your next purchase of our products.

Batteries can have an impact on the environment, but we can lessen its impact with initiatives like the Bidi Cares Recycling Program.

Contact us now for more information. Join the movement now!


How Bidi Cares Helps Protect Biodiversity

Biodiversity is an essential part of our existence, but it is currently threatened by improper waste disposal.  Bidi Cares aims to help catalyze change and put a stop to this danger.

Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is a collective term for the different forms of all living things, such as plants, animals, and other lesser common species such as microorganisms and invertebrates. It encompasses ecosystems and all water, land, and air species.

Over the years, biodiversity has been affected by the negative actions of man, including our improper waste disposal behaviors. Aside from the physical space, it takes up that destroys natural habitats, toxins in these wastes can also cause sickness in plants, animals, and even humans.

Biodiversity and Improper Waste Disposal

In terms of land, some countries have landfills especially designated for waste, but environmental dumping is still an existing problem. Waste materials passes from one country to another to avoid strict environmental laws until it ends up in a place with looser restrictions and affects the organisms there in the process.

As a result, harmful chemicals leach the soil that can be absorbed by plants, and animals can also ingest small toxic pieces of waste.

These landfills also affect the air, since they are responsible for methane emissions that trap thermal energy in our atmosphere. As a result, this increases the Earth’s temperatures and thus contributes to the phenomenon we know as climate change.

This problem does not end in the places where landfills exist–it can affect even the weather and temperature in different parts of the globe, and cause species to die, especially if sea levels rise or ice caps melt.

Dumping in waters has also been a persistent problem with a massive impact on aquatic wildlife. As the industrial revolution continues to rise, the quantity of waste in waters is also taking on a greater magnitude.

Coral reefs are affected, and the toxicity of fish ingested by humans is increasing. The noxious chemicals also diffuse in the water and reach other non-contaminated areas, polluting even clean waters as time goes by.

What are we currently doing?

Some people may not currently realize the impact of improper waste disposal, but the perspectives are slowly changing. According to Green America, an environmental agency, youth groups are converging to help fight against climate change, travelers are becoming more eco-conscious, and the popularity of organic foods is rising.

Companies are also starting to go green by creating recycling movements and using sustainable materials. One notable company that actively helps against improper waste disposal is Bidi Vapor.

Bidi Vapor and the Bidi Cares Program

Bidi Vapor is a company that created a game-changing vape product, the Bidi Stick, with its customers and the environment in mind. Made of high-quality recyclable materials, the company made sure that the aluminum body  is fully recyclable. Bidi Vapor aims to introduce a superior and sustainable product to the world, which can help reduce waste problems through Bidi Cares.

The Bidi Cares program lets users return a minimum of 10 Bidi Sticks. On their next purchase, they can receive 1 FREE Bidi Stick.

Through this program, Bidi Vapor can actively fight against improper waste disposal by encouraging its customers to adopt an eco-friendly mindset. The program also helps spread awareness against the harms of nicotine poisoning and toxic chemicals from vape batteries.

The world is in dire need of a change in mindset and behaviors when it comes to waste management. As Bidi Vapor and other eco-friendly companies continue to catalyze positive change, it becomes easier for the everyday person to adapt and adjust for the benefit of future generations.

For more information about this program, you can visit the website and contact us now!


Conservation or Destruction: What are The Impacts of Smoking & Vaping on The Environment?

Bidi Cares for you and the environment, which is why we created an innovative program to ensure environmental conservation.

In times of Global Warming, we must consider how we, as individuals, can help fight the ongoing crisis. Whether you are smoking or vaping, you can help limit your environmental footprint with simple steps. The change starts with you!

Climate Crisis

According to NASA, we know with a 95% probability that humans create the current climate crisis we are facing. The greenhouse gases we create get trapped in the atmosphere, causing the planet to heat up. One of the most impactful greenhouse gasses is carbon dioxide, and the levels have never been as high as now, and it is damaging our planet.

Ice sheets are shrinking, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather is increasing, just to mention a few. These changes inevitably affect humans and wildlife across the globe. Since the industrial rise back in the 1950s, we have seen a drastic change, and we now stand at a point where we have to act.

The Environmental Impacts of Smoking

A significant contributor to environmental destruction is deforestation. According to WHO, deforestation is responsible for 20% of the harmful carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. Trees naturally absorb excess carbon dioxide, leading to fewer greenhouse gasses damaging our planet. One of the industries today dependent on cutting down trees is the tobacco industry.

It is estimated that we lose 200,000 hectares of the forest worldwide because of the tobacco industry. Besides deforestation, the filter from cigarettes is not biodegradable and would eventually end up in our landfills. The residue of nicotine leaks, causing damage to groundwater, ecosystems, is also a potential danger to wildlife.

The Environmental Impact of Vaping

The production of a vaping device requires less natural resources than producing a cigarette since vaping devices do not have tobacco in them. Manufacturing of all products requires some level of carbon dioxide for transportation and other necessary actions; however, it does not seem to measure with the extreme harm caused by the tobacco industries and their addition to deforestation.

Improper disposal is one of its potential negative impacts of vaping devices. Besides residual nicotine ending up in our landfills, the components, especially the battery in the vaping device, can cause damage to our environment. Batteries contain corrosive and potentially harmful metals that can impact our ecosystem and the environment.

Environmental Conservation

After the industrial rise in the 50s, the increased production of electronic devices has caused a rise in e-waste as well. With the rapid expansion of technology and higher demand from people, we are creating massive amounts of e-waste daily that, if improperly disposed of, can cause harm. Besides the environmental impact improperly disposed of e-waste causes, we need to ensure that all resources used in the creation don’t just go to waste.

We can help conserve our environment by being conscious about our consumption and recycling habits. Electronics devices can be recycled if they are made from high-quality materials, which means you have the power to help our planet by simply recycling.

Recycling Vaping Devices to Conserve Nature

Cigarettes are not recyclable, but vaping devices are. However, in some cases, it can prove a bit difficult to recycle vaping devices because not all waste sites have the resources to recycle the components from all e-waste.

Because it is not common to have dedicated vape bins, some areas might even encourage you to dispose of your vaping device in the regular trash bins. In essence, this is highly discouraged as the components can cause severe damage in landfills.

Here at Bidi Vapor, we are aware of the difficulties that many can experience when they try to make eco-friendly choices about recycling their vaping devices. Thus, we created Bidi Cares to help save the planet, one vaping device at a time.

Bidi Cares Recycling Program

Vaping isn’t for everyone, and it is important to be aware that nicotine is addictive. For adult smokers who already use vaping devices, we want to help you make it easier to be sustainable. Bidi Cares is an innovative recycling program to help limit the e-waste from vaping devices.

We ensured our Bidi Stick is made with excellent materials for easier recycling. Besides this, we knew we had to do more since not all waste sites accept even high-quality vaping sticks, so we created a recycling program where you get rewarded for recycling. Every time you return 10 used Bidi Stick to us, we give you one new Bidi Stick for free on your next purchase. You can learn more about our recycling program here.


Bidi Cares Moves Towards Sustainable Vaping

At Bidi, we are on a mission to create a more sustainable vaping experience for everyone. Learn more about how you can get involved to help save our planet!

At Bidi Vapor, we know there’s a need for action to help solve our climate crisis. When using vaping devices, it’s important to be aware of the carbon footprint it leaves, and how to make the print smaller.

The current climate crisis we are facing is caused by the enormous carbon footprint we as humans leave. We are rapidly causing global warming and need to act now. But how? 

All change starts with one person, and that person is you. If you’ve already substituted your cigarettes with a vaping device, you are on the right path, since the tobacco industry is one of the big culprits when it comes to lack of sustainability. 

The massive exhaust of natural resources is damaging our planet daily. Besides draining our finite resources, cigarettes are not recyclable, and the toxic chemicals from cigarette butts are being leaked into our groundwater, harming wildlife, and humans.

Sustainability Vaping

Nowadays, vaping devices are disposable, but failing to recycle these could cause harm as well. We only have limited natural resources and need to make the most of the resources which were used on our vaping device and recycle them.

Inside vaping devices, you’ll find a battery, which, if improperly disposed of, can pose a threat to the environment. Batteries contain metals and corrosive materials which start to leak when decomposing, which can reach our oceans or landfills. These are extremely toxic for us and the environment. Another side effect of decomposing batteries is the photochemical process that causes an emission of greenhouse gases, which directly impacts climate change.

Bidi Cares Movement

We care about you and the environment, and that’s why we started the Bidi Cares movement. Through Bidi Cares, we want to empower you to live a more sustainable life. Saving the environment requires a community, and that’s what we are building. 

Save Your Bidi, Save Our Planet 

We have ensured our Bidi Stick is made only with high-quality materials. The battery is made to improve your experience and make it recyclable. This is to ensure that Bidi Stick batteries do not end up in landfills.

To further encourage you to recycle your Bidi Stick, we created the Bidi Cares recycling program. Save your Bidi Stick, and after returning 10 used ones, we’ll give you FREE Bidi Stick on your next purchase!

Become a part of our movement and make a massive impact in making the world cleaner.


How the Bidi Stick Reduces The Environmental Footprint

We are in the middle of an environmental crisis that’s created by us humans, which is why we created Bidi Cares to help reduce our environmental footprint.


Why Choose Recyclable Products?

Saving the environment starts as soon as we pick the products we consume, which is why we should choose recyclable products out of thousands of choices we can have.


Simple Tips You Need to Know for Eco-Friendly Vaping

As the world is becoming more environmentally aware, vaping is now considered a eco-friendly. Vaping means no more dealing with cigarette butts and supporting the tobacco industry.

Smoking cigarettes affects almost every organ of the body, induces many diseases, and in general, decreases smokers’ health. Aside from its reputation of causing numerous health problems, cigarette butts comprise 38% of litter collected in the US.  

Moreover, tobacco facilities release more than a million pounds of toxic chemicals to the environment, and tobacco cultivation is known to be a significant contributor to deforestation. On top of this, secondhand smoke contributes to air pollution, and cigarette butts also pollute waterways and oceans. The Ocean Conservancy states that cigarette butts compose the most trash collected in ocean cleanups.

As a responsible citizen and vaper, here are some tips you can do to help:

Turn Off Your Vape When You’re Not Using It

Merely turning the battery off when your device is not in use can save you from injury and harm. Aside from helping prolong the lifespan of your battery, it could be a hazard if the button is pushed accidentally, which can happen if your vape is in your pocket or bag. If unnoticed, the continuous heating of the atomizer might start a fire.

Opt for a Higher Battery Quality Vape Product

Most batteries in e-cigarettes contain heavy metals that need extensive treatment to remove all its residual metals. For instance, with Bidi™ Vapor, batteries have carefully thought of how we can improve the recyclability of e-cigarettes batteries. The battery used in every Bidi™Stick contains a high-quality battery that has been certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS. It is an investment in making Bidi Stick a high quality and eco-conscious product.

Buy Vapes with a Medical-Rate Pad

Most vape pens have the usual synthetic cotton. Bidi has a medical-rate pad that is highly recyclable – a win for the environment!

You Can Recycle in Vaping

For non-disposable vapes, some advanced tanks and mods are reusable—a mod with Variable Wattage mode can be compatible with a range of tanks, so you don’t have to buy a new one. Some vapers may also have a range of old vape hardware that they can share with users who need it.

Proper disposal of batteries is essential since they are toxic and must not be with other trash. Moreover, pressure and heat may also cause lithium-ion batteries to produce sparks, which causes them to be one of the main culprits of recycling truck fires.

When you purchase disposable vapes, make sure to recycle it by supporting vape companies that allow you to return your vape sticks and be replaced with new ones. 

Choose a product that cares for you and the environment. Choose Bidi Stick. 

Bidi Vapor reminds its consumers of eco-friendly and sustainable vaping practices by launching a recycling program. The “Save a Bidi. Save Our Environment” by Bidi Cares aims to motivate its consumers to recycle their used Bidi Sticks. 

You can ship back your used Bidi Sticks, and Bidi Vapor gives you a FREE Bidi Stick in return. This program is also their way of thanking you for helping save the planet from the harm of improper waste disposal.


Bidi Stick: The Eco-Friendly Vape Pen

With numerous vape products coming out in the market, Bidi Vapor takes the lead on an eco-friendly, and sustainable usage of vape pens through its Bidi Cares initiative. The brand promotes responsible production, distribution, and disposal of Bidi Sticks.

To say that waste is a serious issue that does not do it justice. These past few years, more studies and documentaries have revealed the environment’s current status. With this, consumers have become worried about how they are contributing to our planet’s destruction or conservation. The troubling data concerning climate change and depleted resources forced the average citizen to understand their footprint and ability to change their ways.

The rise of the vaping industry has also created growth in waste from vape products. From disposable and cheap components all through improper disposal, some vape products pose serious environmental issues. A study from 2017 found out that there are 565 types of e-cigarette devices on the US market, 184 of which are disposable.  With the demand in the market, more companies have been coming out with products without regard to their product’s environmental footprint.  

Ensuring the goods you purchase are made with both ethics and the environment in mind is one of the best ways to reduce waste. 

Bidi Stick, made by Bidi Vapor, is a premium vaping pen made with the environment in mind. It also leads the charge in an eco-friendly usage of vaping products. Its intention to make vape products that are eco-friendly and sustainable is what makes it stand out from other brands. 

Medical-Rate Pad

Most vape pens have the usual synthetic cotton. Bidi Stick has a pharmaceutical and medical-rate pad that is both a win for the environment.

High-Quality Battery

Most batteries in e-cigarettes contain heavy metals that need extensive treatment to remove all its residual metals. Bidi Vapor has carefully thought of how we can improve the recyclability of e-cigarettes batteries. The battery used in every Bidi Stick contains a high-quality battery that has been certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS. It is an investment in making Bidi Stick a high quality and eco-conscious product.

The Bidi Cares Program

Bidi Vapor recognizes its responsibility in the proper disposal of the product. To initiate the recycling of the Bidi Stick, the brand has launched a sustainable program – the Bidi Cares program. 

Save a Bidi. Save Our Environment

In addition to the company’s efforts to remind its consumers of eco-friendly and sustainable vaping practices, it also took action by launching a recycling program. The “Save a Bidi. Save Our Environment” aims to motivate its consumers to recycle their used Bidi Sticks. You can ship back your used Bidi Sticks, and Bidi Vapor gives you a FREE Bidi Stick in return. This program is also their way of thanking you for helping save the planet from the harm of improper waste disposal. 

By choosing an eco-conscious vape product, you are making a positive and impactful change for the environment. With just one little change, you are doing something right for our planet.

Choose a product that cares. Choose Bidi Stick.