Why We Need National Recycling Week to Last All Year

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Why We Need National Recycling Week to Last All Year

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Recycling is one of the best methods of protecting the environment and to safeguard our health. Participate in National Recycling Week.

Waste, whether household or industrial, has been an increasing problem. It threatens the environment and our health.

The World Bank warned in 2018 that global waste production is estimated to increase by 70 percent by 2050. Two billion tons of waste are churned out by people every year. Unless urgent action is taken, we can expect this number to further increase, given the growing world population and human consumption levels. Complicating things is the gross mismanagement of waste.

The United States is the largest contributor of waste in the world as each citizen contributes an average of over 400 lbs. of garbage a year.

The worldwide campaign to manage waste and protect the environment has resulted in a brief, catchy slogan: Reduce, reuse, and recycle.

There are several ways to manage waste disposal, including landfills, incineration, recycling, and open dump. However, according to the Sensoneo Global Waste Index 2019,  recycling “is the best method for managing waste.” It defines recycling as the process of converting waste into new materials.

In our daily life, recycling becomes familiar to us when we see garbage bins labeled with “biodegradable waste” and “non-biodegradable waste.” These wastes go through different processes of recycling.

National Recycling Week

In Australia, the environmental foundation, Planet Ark, initiated National Recycling Week in 1996. The non-profit organization worked with the community and some business organizations to look for simple ways to take care of the environment. Planet Ark is the largest reuse and recycling information hub in Australia.

The foundation aims to create a sustainable environment through recycling. They help educate people on the importance of proper recycling. Promoting community and industrial recycling initiatives is one of their goals as well.

Additionally, National Recycling Week offers people the tools they would need in recycling at home and in the workplace. These tools are also necessary for minimizing plastic wastes and improper waste disposal in the oceans. Forum discussions on the benefits of recycling are also held during National Recycling Week.

Because of the urgent action needed to address the mounting waste problem, as the World Bank has announced, wouldn’t it be ideal to run the waste recycling campaign for the whole year?

Here are some reasons:

People Forget

Ideally, we should practice recycling the whole year-round. Every day, however, we seem to have a lot on our plate, and we tend to forget. Reminding people only occasionally won’t create a habit. This foundation aims to instill in people’s minds why recycling should be a part of our daily lives. 

We Can Learn a Lot About Recycling

Recycling can be a puzzle with many lessons to learn. Aside from the basics, there are concepts of recycling that the foundation focuses on, such as reusing old products. 

We Can Contribute to the Conservation of Our Natural Resources

In roughly ten years, we may experience a shortage of Earth’s natural resources. However, as soon as we start to conserve, we get to enjoy more of these resources.

Not only that, by actively engaging in the campaign to recycle, we also help mitigate health risks.

Bidi Cares and Recycling

Bidi™ Cares encourages people to take responsibility when we use our vape pens. If you return 10 used Bidi™ Sticks through your Bidi™ account, you are helping cut waste. If you turn in 10 sticks, you’ll receive one for free on your next purchase. Talk about proper waste disposal!

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. We should all strive to create a better place to live in for everyone. 

Recycling boosts sustainability and supports our environment.

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