BIDI® Stick: The Eco-Friendly Vape Pen

BIDI® Stick: The Eco-Friendly Vape Pen

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With numerous vape products coming out in the market, BidiVapor takes the lead on an eco-friendly, and sustainable usage of vape pens through its Bidi Cares initiative. The brand promotes responsible production, distribution, and disposal of Bidi Sticks.

To say that waste is a serious issue that does not do it justice. These past few years, more studies and documentaries have revealed the environment’s current status. With this, consumers have become worried about how they are contributing to our planet’s destruction or conservation. The troubling data concerning climate change and depleted resources forced the average citizen to understand their footprint and ability to change their ways.

The rise of the vaping industry has also created growth in waste from vape products. From disposable and cheap components all through improper disposal, some vape products pose serious environmental issues. A study from 2017 found out that there are 565 types of e-cigarette devices on the US market, 184 of which are disposable.  With the demand in the market, more companies have been coming out with products without regard to their product’s environmental footprint.  

Ensuring the goods you purchase are made with both ethics and the environment in mind is one of the best ways to reduce waste. 

Bidi Stick, made by Bidi Vapor, is a premium vaping pen made with the environment in mind. It also leads the charge in an eco-friendly usage of vaping products. Its intention to make vape products that are eco-friendly and sustainable is what makes it stand out from other brands. 

Medical-Rate Pad

Most vape pens have the usual synthetic cotton. Bidi Stick has a pharmaceutical and medical-rate pad that is both a win for the environment.

High-Quality Battery

Most batteries in e-cigarettes contain heavy metals that need extensive treatment to remove all its residual metals. Bidi Vapor has carefully thought of how we can improve the recyclability of e-cigarettes batteries. The battery used in every Bidi Stick contains a high-quality battery that has been certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS. It is an investment in making Bidi Stick a high quality and eco-conscious product.

The Bidi Cares Program

Bidi Vapor recognizes its responsibility in the proper disposal of the product. To initiate the recycling of the Bidi Stick, the brand has launched a sustainable program – the Bidi Cares program. 

Save a Bidi. Save Our Environment

In addition to the company’s efforts to remind its consumers of eco-friendly and sustainable vaping practices, it also took action by launching a recycling program. The “Save a Bidi. Save Our Environment” aims to motivate its consumers to recycle their used Bidi Sticks. You can ship back your used Bidi Sticks, and Bidi Vapor gives you a FREE Bidi Stick in return. This program is also their way of thanking you for helping save the planet from the harm of improper waste disposal. 

By choosing an eco-conscious vape product, you are making a positive and impactful change for the environment. With just one little change, you are doing something right for our planet.

Choose a product that cares. Choose Bidi Stick.