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Bidi™ Vapor Stands Against Underage Selling of Vapes

Bidi Vapor is a brand that prides itself on its innovative and eco-conscious product. The Bidi Stick makes a stand against the rampant sale of vape products to underage youth.

March 9, 2019. The rise of the vaping industry in the last few years has gained both commendation and criticism from the public. More companies have been introducing vaping products to the market with less liability to the buyers’ age and identity.

The increased popularity of e-cigarettes, such as vape, has invited a troublesome group of customers: curious teenagers. The complication comes when the incautious sale of vape products online and irresponsible marketing of some vaping brands occurs.

Despite the age-verification regulation, over 90% of vendors have not verified the ages of teenagers who have purchased the products online. According to a study, 86.4% of the companies in the industry sell e-cigarettes to underage youth online.

The exceedingly simple process of buying e-cigarettes online is the root of troubles with underage sales. It also draws in more teenagers who have not been smoking vape previously to test out vape products.

Teenagers using e-cigarettes are twice as likely to say they intend to smoke regular cigarettes. This is compared to those who have never touched the product. These findings result in a problem given the risk for nicotine addiction and its potential adverse health effects on adolescent brain development.

Bidi: An Overview

Bidi Vapor sees and acknowledges responsibility in preventing youth access to vape products. The company stands firmly with an advocacy. Bidi commits to adhering to the regulations towards the prevention of minors from acquiring a Bidi Stick. In line with this, Bidi Stick prohibits sales to minors by implementing useful digital toll gates and protection to guarantee restriction of product sales to anyone under the required legal age to avail of electronic cigarette products on the Bidi Stick website. 

Daily Order Limit

Bidi Vapor has placed a limit on the purchase of Bidi Stick per day. Bidi Stick is for personal use to support adult smokers as they transition. The daily order limit is to ensure that the sale of the Bidi Stick is for an adult smoker rather than for wholesale. With this, a consumer can only purchase a maximum limit of 30 Bidi Sticks per month. This limit of 30 Bidi Sticks can be bought one-time or in a staggered manner within the month.

Age Verification Process

Bidi Vapor has partnered with a leading company that provides age verification services. For any attempt to purchase any product within the Bidi Stick website, there is a comprehensive and mandatory public search done. This is to ensure and confirm the age qualification of the customer before completing the transaction.

In the instance that the verification system fails to verify the real age of the purchaser, the system asks the purchaser to present a government-issued identification card. The purchase transaction is put on hold until a Bidi Stick customer service representative confirms the authenticity of the identification card. 

Signature Upon Delivery

As an added preventive measure, Bidi Vapor also requires a signature upon delivery of Bidi Stick. This tollgate confirms the buyer’s identity. This ensures that the product does not fall to the hands of an underage person. 

Bidi Vapor has established these attentive measures to put a stop on underage sales of e-cigarettes. It also does not explicitly target the youth in marketing and labeling their products. Bidi Stick assists and cares for adult smokers in seamlessly transitioning and does not engage non-smokers and underage youth with any vape products. 

What Makes Bidi Different?

Bidi™ Vapor believes that every vaping company should follow suit in restricting the age of people who can access vape products. This restriction is to guarantee that vape products fall in the hands of adult smokers and not to underage youth. Bidi Vapor is a company that focuses on promoting responsible and cautious production and distribution of vape products. This goal is to prevent minor youth access.

At Bidi Vapor, it is our fuel to innovate towards the creation of our pride. The Bidi Stick genuinely desires to provide the best vaping experience to all its consumers. 

In addition to our vision, we are committed to ensure that the Bidi Stick does not fall into the hands of underage youth. 

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